Membership Benefits

Member Benefits

What is CSI?
The Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) is a technical organization that works to organize, standardize, and communicate construction information. CSI is unique in that it facilitates an exchange of information between all participants in the construction process—a benefit not found in one-discipline organizations. CSI has thousands of members participating through more than 140 chapters. Learn more about CSI.

“It wasn’t until I joined CSI that I really started understanding building materials, construction technology, and the process of getting something built. Every successful building is the result of a team effort. CSI is where I get to know my teammates.”
-- Daniel Hargreaves, CSI, CDT, RAS, Architect, CSI Dallas Chapter

Who Belongs to CSI?

Architects/Designers - Building Owners - Contractors - Project Managers - Sub-contractors - Engineers - Facility Managers - Manufacturers - Product Representatives - Specifiers - Estimators - Students - Attorneys and other professions affected by construction documentation and project management.

“The biggest benefit that I have received from CSI is the recognition of professionalism from others in the industry. I am continually called upon by the design community for advice relating to contracting and bid procedures, and I believe that my assistance is requested because of my professionalism — partly enhanced by my involvement with CSI.”
— Richard Cooper, PE, CSI, CDT, General Contractor

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Benefits For You

“I have grown as a person with an established reputation through my CSI activities.”
— Bob Molseed, FCSI, CCS, FAIA, Architect

  • Develop valuable cross-discipline contacts at local chapter meetings and national CSI events.
  • Build a network of mentors you can contact when you're facing a new challenge at work, or hunting for a new job.
  • Save with members-only discounts and special rates on CSI education, certification, publications and  partner programs.
  • Learn to use CSI's standards and formats to do your job better and faster.
  • Earn continuing education credits at chapter meetings and CSI events.
  • Stay current on BIM, sustainability and other hot topics while improving your skills through chapter meetings, CSI's education programs, and Construction Specifier Magazine.
  • Raise your profile with CSI's certifications after your name.
  • Participate in the development of standards and formats that shape your work, such as MasterFormat.

Benefits For Your Company

“CSI has helped me in many aspects of running my business such as planning, communication skills, and honing my product presentations. Many of the committees, task teams, and projects that new members get involved in can provide training in many of these areas.”
— John Hamilton, CSI, CCPR, AHC, Manufacturer’s Representative

  • Meet potential clients and increase your company’s visibility at both the local and national level.
  • Be among the first to hear about new projects in your area.
  • Save with discounts on CSI education at local chapter meetings and at national events.
  • Train staff without interrupting your workday with CSI's webinars.
  • Improve productivity, communication and the construction documentation you produce with CSI’s certification program. (Customized training is available -- just ask CSI.)
  • Find your next star employee at your next chapter meeting or CSI event.
  • Develop a network of professional contacts your company can turn to when you need help and information.
  • Raise your company profile through employees who speak at national events and participate in the development of industry standards such as MasterFormat.
  • Save with discounts on:
    • Subscriptions: Engineering News-Record, Architectural Record, and Design-Build, among others.
    • Business services: Airborne Express, Sprint, MBNA/CSI credit card.
    • Professional liability insurance programs.

So You’re a Student, or You’re New to Construction?

“I first became involved with CSI as a student at the University of Tennessee and was urged by fellow members to earn a CDT certificate. The CDT is essential for anyone in our industry. Upon graduation I immediately saw the benefits of having my CDT. I interviewed with numerous leading architecture firms around the country and always got a very positive response when they saw ‘CSI, CDT’ at the end of my name, it was one of the deciding factors for my current company to hire me.”
-- Robert Huserik, CSI, CDT, Architect, CSI Memphis Chapter

  • Impress future employers by showing them you know something about construction already, and will require less training if they hire you.
  • Get a leg up on your job-hunting competition by meeting people who are already working in your field.
  • Learn what they don’t teach in class by attending chapter meetings and CSI events.
  • Set yourself apart by getting the CDT and putting it on your resume.
  • Save with CSI’s student and membership discounts!

What CSI Members Say About CSI

“When I started out in the construction industry, I was calling on owners, architects, and engineers. I needed some help – so, I joined CSI . Through CSI I stay up-to-date on industry trends, have an opportunity to network and gain friendships and professional relationships that I can count on for anything. The value of CSI to my career can’t be rated –it’s an infinite number.”
-- RonnaLeah E. Prindible, CSI, Product Representative, CSI Pittsburgh Chapter

“During the course of my 21 years of membership in CSI, I have developed valuable personal and professional mentors. The time and energy I have devoted to CSI has paid rich personal and professional dividends.”
— Edith Washington, FCSI, CCS, Specifier